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What is Blogging? How to start your own blog…

             Although on Blogging we have talked briefly on this website of ours, even before, but today through this article we will have a detailed conversation on this topic. At present, if there is talk of earning money online, then there is definitely talk of earning money through blogging and by creating a YouTube channel. Although at present internet packs are cheap, say it because people are more interested in videos, or say it because of Google’s promotion of YouTube.

Whatever may be the reason but the truth is that at present Google is giving more importance to video than writing. That’s why YouTube has become a better means of earning online than blogging. But even today people are not only earning money through blogging but also fulfilling their dreams. And as we all know that any such legitimate means from which earning is possible, we do mention on this website of ours.

We will not say that only after a few days of starting blogging, a person will start earning a lot, but it is necessary that if the blogging person gives quality, good, true and authentic information through his blog, then one day He will definitely be successful in earning from his blog. Today, through this article of ours, not only what is blogging and how is it started? But will talk. Rather, some will also depict the actual experiences felt by them.

Although this article written by us is based on our 3-4 years of blogging experience, so there may be some theoretical shortcoming in the information given. But practically the information given will come true at every level.

What is blogging? 

A blog can also be called any discussion or information published on the World Wide Web (WEB). Simply put, a website in which any discussion or information is published regularly can be called a blog. A blog is an online diary or a journal located on a website available on the World Wide Web. The content of a blog includes almost all the online content that is currently trending, including text, images, videos, animated GIFs, scanned documents, etc.

Since a blog can be on any topic, they help businesses advertise, educate customers, inform shareholders, and inspire community conversation. Therefore, in simple words, blogging means giving information or information to people on any subject through the World Wide Web. Generally people read or watch blogs for their knowledge enhancement and information.

Benefits of Blogging


It may take a long time for the entrepreneur to earn by starting blogging, or it may not take at all. But by starting blogging, a person not only benefits financially, but there are many other personal and business benefits that a person can have by starting blogging.

  • Through blogging, any person can create an online identity and establish trust among people.
  • The second biggest advantage of blogging is that a person always keeps learning new things in it. That is because before writing anything according to the subject of his blog, he has to first understand that thing himself.
  • As we all know that practice is the only way which makes us mature in any field. And the more we do something, the more adept we become at it. Since most of the writing work is done in blogging, blogging can develop a person’s writing skills.
  • The language in which the person is blogging, the person’s grip on that language becomes stronger.
  • Since a person needs to learn many tools, systems and technical methods to start blogging. That’s why during this time the person gets technical information.
  • Through blogging you connect with new people.
  • If your work and your topic is liked by people, then you can become an expert in that field, that is, you can emerge as an expert in the eyes of others.
  • When you become an expert on your topic or field in blogging, then there is a possibility that you will be called to speak in the events organized by the related industry. If you want, you can charge a fee for speaking.
  • If you and your blog come in the eyes of a publisher and they like your writing style, then they can ask you to write a book on your topic. So that you can become a professional writer.
  • Blogging gives freedom to a person to work from anywhere at any time and helps to enjoy a boss free life.
Skills required to start blogging:


Although it is not necessary to have any formal education to start blogging, but since more content is available on the internet in English, the person doing blogging may not know how to speak English but must be able to read and understand it. And the language in which the person is about to start blogging, he should have mastered it.

A little knowledge of English becomes necessary so that if stuck somewhere, a person can search the internet and find the solution to that problem himself. Apart from this, the following is a list of some other major skills that a blogger should have.

  • It is very important for a person who starts blogging to have writing skills because blogging generally revolves around writing. And blogger always has to produce original content.
  • Photo editing skills are also essential. It is meant to say that the person should know how to crop, resize, format etc.
  • Although at present a very good blog can be easily created through content management website like WordPress, Joomla etc. But despite this, it is absolutely necessary for the person starting blogging to have basic knowledge of CSS and HTML.
  • Apart from being a good writer, a good blogger also needs to be a good reader. Because a blogger may need to read a lot of books, articles, blogs etc. offline or online before giving an explanation of anything. That’s why reading skill is also very important for blogging.
  • No matter how well you write, but if that article is not optimized according to the search engine, then it will be less accessible to the people. That’s why it is also necessary for a blogger to have knowledge of search engine optimization.
  • However, what we are talking about in this line is not a skill. But blogging is essential. Traffic does not start coming to the blog immediately after starting blogging. That’s why blogger needs to keep patience for some time.
How to start your own blog?


At present, starting blogging is a very easy task, this is the reason that often people start it without knowing their abilities and skills. But they are not able to become much successful because they started this work without assessing themselves. Yes friends, before starting Blogging, assess yourself on the basis of the skills required in it and if you find yourself short in this assessment. So first try to develop that skill in yourself.

And keep in mind that serious bloggers enter blogging not only to earn but also to educate people. That’s why make your priority to give some authentic information and information to the people and not to earn. Because when you give correct and authentic information to the people then only their trust will increase on you and your blog.

Well , how do we become successful in blogging a separate article about it ? Will talk under But let us know how a person can start his own blog

1. Select Your Blogging Topic


A blogger should be passionate about his topic, so the person who starts blogging is first advised to find out what is the topic of his interest. So that he can turn this interest into his passion in the coming times. Therefore, the first step to start blogging should be that the interested person should choose such a topic in which he is interested and he feels that he can easily write on that topic.

2. Free Blog or Self Hosted Blog:


The next step of an entrepreneur starting a blogging business should be to decide whether he wants to start a free blog or start a self-hosted blog by investing some money. Presently there are many such online platforms through which any person can start their blogging journey for free. Blogger in these free platforms. com, wordpress.com, tumblr.com etc platforms are available.

If the entrepreneur wants to start his own blogging journey from these free platforms, then he has to visit these websites and sign up and follow the necessary guidelines. And his blogging journey will start from here, but if the entrepreneur wants to start a self hosted blog then he has to move on to the next step.

3. Take domain name according to topic:  


Where the domain name helps the entrepreneur to optimize the search engine according to the topic, while a different name gives a different identity to the entrepreneur’s business. Therefore, an entrepreneur wishing to do blogging should choose a domain name that is search engine friendly and unique. For example, if you want to make a blog on health topic, then keeping health in the name of the domain can be suitable from the point of view of search engine.

But in the world of blogging it is said “Content is the king” which is absolutely right. As far as buying a domain is concerned, an entrepreneur can buy a domain from any domain registrar like GoDaddy etc. The more unique the domain name, the cheaper it is likely to be found.

4. Buy web hosting


Web hosting is required to start self-hosted blogging after registering a domain. Web hosting providers provide space to entrepreneurs on their servers to store web content and files. There can be many types of web hosting but shared hosting is suitable for starting blogging in the initial stages. Although there are many web hosting providers who also provide limited hosting for free.

But there can be a risk of downtime etc., so in the initial stages, the paid shared hosting plan is fine. And as the traffic on your blog increases, you can upgrade your hosting plan. There are not one but hundreds of web hosting providers in India, after doing a little research, the entrepreneur will be able to easily decide which company’s hosting will be suitable for him.

5. Add Domain Name Servers:


After purchasing web hosting, all the details are sent by the hosting company on email to the person starting Blogging. Apart from CPanel Login details, name server details are also there. Therefore, now the domain registrar from whom the entrepreneur has bought the domain will have to log in through his credentials. And the given name server details have to be entered there.

Propagation in this process can take 0-24 hours but new domains usually take 1-2 hours or even less. That’s why the entrepreneur should wait for a while after this.

6. Login to Cpanel and Install WordPress:


An entrepreneur willing to do blogging can log in to Cpanel through the credentials given by the web hosting company. After logging in to Cpanel, one can install WordPress from the software section. At the same time one has to set the credentials like username, password etc. for WordPress.

After successfully installing WordPress, one can easily create their blog by logging into WordPress. And can publish his first article. If the entrepreneur does not have the knowledge of WordPress, then he can get its information through the internet. Articles and videos are all available on this subject on the internet.

How to earn from blogging


to start his own blog. But often people want to know how they can earn themselves by creating a blog. So, would like to tell you how will be the earning for the first few days or months? It will be better if you forget this topic.

In the initial days or months, the effort of the entrepreneur should be to publish only good, authentic information. And you should maintain your own patience, although due to the search engine giving more importance to YouTube and data packs being cheap, earning from Blogging has become a bit difficult but not impossible. So be patient and keep putting original useful content on your blog regularly. Keep in mind that your content should not be copied from here and there on the internet.

And when your blog starts getting about 1000 views in a day, then you can apply for Google Adsense . After getting approval from this, you will be able to place its advertisements on your blog. And these advertisements will become the primary source of earning from your blog.

Although there are other ways to earn through blogging but the most secure, easy and effective way is Google Adsense. Although we will definitely talk about other ways to earn from blogging through a separate article.


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