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Work with Amul for just a few hours, the company will pay full Rs 5 to 10 lakhs every month, know how?

Hello friends welcome to your favorite blog ,Today I am going to tell you about such a business. whose name is Work with Amul for just a few hours, the company will pay full Rs 5 to 10 lakhs every month, know how? , | Amul Franchise Let’s know then. Amul Franchise

Amul franchise :  It is a different matter if a big brand name is associated with the business. If you are also looking for a similar business idea, then we have come up with a similar business idea for you, through which you can earn 5 to 10 lakh rupees per month. The special thing is that Amul (Amul franchise near me) a dairy company is giving you this opportunity and the special thing is that the loss in this business is very negligible. Apply online for Amul franchise.

Amul franchise business Idea

Everyone must have heard the name of Amul. Amul Company is offering Amul franchise business. You can earn up to lakhs of rupees in a month by taking franchise. We have been using Amul products for many years. The company works on franchise model to expand the business. If you do business with Amul then you don’t have to worry about loss at all and that is its specialty. How To Apply Amul Franchise



What to do to start a business

By joining Amul you can do many types of business. For this you have to go to the official website of Amul and register. You can apply for two types of franchise with Amul Company. One is an Amul outlet with a railway parlour/kiosk and the other is an Amul ice cream scooping parlour. You can choose the one that interests you. You can apply for franchise business through Amul’s website – amul.com.Amul franchise

How much should be invested?

You can start this business in 2 ways. If you are planning to own an Amul outlet, you have to invest up to 2 lakhs. On the other hand, if you are planning to take up a franchise (How can I open an Amul franchise?) you will need to invest around Rs 5 lakh. At the same time, before this you have to pay some amount as security initially. We ask you to spend around Rs 25000 to Rs 50,000 as security.

Best business for India

In franchise business you can earn on commission basis with Amul. For example in Amul outlet business you get 2.5% commission on milk pouch, 10% commission on other milk products and 20% commission on ice cream. Similarly, you can earn 50% commission on Amul ice cream scooping parlors.Amul franchise

Amul Franchise Contact Number : Amul Consumer Helpline

For Amul Parlor/Franchise Inquiries email retail@amul.coop or you can call Amul Franchise Contact Number 02268526666. For inquiries regarding Amul distribution please email distribution@amul.coop or you can call 02268526666.13-Dec-2013 Amul Franchise

Amul Franchise monthly income: Amul franchise monthly income

ctors such as location, sales volume, operationaThe monthly income of a child franchisee may vary depending on various fal expenses, etc. Hence, it is difficult to provide a specific amount as monthly income for an Amul franchisee. However, according to Amul’s website, the company claims that in its franchise model, Rs. Earning potential up to 5 to 10 lakhs per month depending on location and sales performance. It is important to note that this is only an estimate and actual income may vary based on many factors. A thorough research and analysis is recommended before investing in an Amul franchise to understand the potential returns and risks involved. Amul Franchise




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